About Us

BJG Group Of Institution is the main center for higher education in the district. The college was established on 8th August, 1960 by the then Member of Parliament BJG Of Institution. At present the college is providing education in five faculties namely “Science, Arts, Commerce, Technology & Education”. There is also a proposal to declare it A Deemed University.

College History

BJG Group Of Institution, an able parliamentarian, after seeing the 1957 elections very soon grasped that any parliamentarian cannot rest on his laurels but has to effectively nurse his constituency. He thus looked forward to various opportunities for helping his constituents. The proposal to establish a Degree College was first mooted in a citizens meeting of Rae Bareli on June 22, 1958 and four days later the Trust was established. Soon Feroze Gandhi was approached and he readily agreed to extend his help in the project. He knew the importance of education and the lacuna that existed in Ri which used to be a very backward district with only a few schools and no institution to provide higher education. He was elected as first President of the Rli Degree College Education Trust. Getting very much interested in the project after his visit to Rae Bareli in March, 1960, he collected over Rs. 1,25,000/- in a very short period for the college. Through his personal meticulous efforts, the College got affiliation from the Agra University and the Rae Bareli Degree College started functioning on August 8, 1960. The college started its journey with five departments i.e. Hindi, English, Economics, Political Science and Sociology, five teachers and 55 students.
In the last phase of his life Feroze Gandhi did not spare any effort for the realization of this goal, he dearly cherished. It was in the fitness of things that the college was renamed as BJG Group Of Institution after his untimely death and is being developed as a befitting homage to the departed leader. The small sapling planted by Feroze Gandhi has now grown up into a huge tree with wide spread branches. The people of Rali will ever remain indebted to him for his efforts in establishing this temple of learning.

Establishment of various Departments / Courses

Year: 1960

Hindi (B.A)English (B.A)Economics (B.A)Political Science (B.A)Sociology (B.A)

Year: 1965

Sanskrit (B.A)Psychology (B.Sc)

Year: 1968

Hindi (M.A)Zoology (B.Sc)Botany (B.Sc)Chemistry (B.Sc)

Year: 1972

English (M.A)Sanskrit (M.A)Psychology (M.A)Chemistry (M.Sc)Physics (M.Sc)Military Studies (B.Sc)Mathematics (M.Sc)B.ComB. Ed

Year: 1977

Botany (M.Sc)Zoology (M.Sc)

Year: 1983


Year: 1966

Economics (M.A)Sociology (M.A)Political.sc (M.A)